Inquiry on Yugoslavia

sev sev at
Tue Jan 23 08:02:05 MST 2001

Dear Comrades:
    Not long ago there was a post on Yugoslavia. It analyzed the size and
efficiency of the public sector and how it worked. Hence, the major economic
sectors and its ownership and function.
    It was a very good article but i can't seem to find it, neither in my
emails nor in the list's archives.
    I'm writing a paper on Armenia and its development. I'm trying to prove
that Lipset's economic development and democracy model as well as
Huntington's preconditions and processes of democratization theory are both
wrong and inapplicable, on the other hand i'm going to pose an alternative
to development and democracy. I think the Yugoslavian model would best fit
    Please, if anyone has the article or any thing related to the topic, do
forward it to me.
    Thank you

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