Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

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>  >Obviously thinking about Nazi research
> I was actually referring to things that have happened in the US.
> I have no
> doubt that similar things have happened in other countries.
>  >but on the animals question all scientists involved in animal or
>  >agricultural research are VERY strongly in favour of humane
>  >treatment of animals
> Many scientists, certainly.  But all?  That statement sounds like
> propaganda to me, unless you have the amazing ability to read the
> minds of all scientists.

When using the word ALL I of course cannot exclude rogue scientists - and
every profession has a minority of these - but I refer to the general ethics
of their profession.  And I have certainly never met one who was not in
favour of humane treatment of animals used in their experiments - and indeed
if the slightest VERIFIABLE rumour of action to the contrary came to the
surface their licence to perform animal experiments wold VERY QUICKLY be

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