Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

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Why should admitting the relationship of capitalism to the environment and
the pro-business function of public institutions be "malicious slander" on
those who work in the public sector? I am a Marxist working in the US
university system. I have no illusions that this system is in the service of
corporate America. Your taking personal offense to challenges on the system
may be distracting you from its real character. It certainly exposes an
uncritical loyalty to public institutions. "Uncorruptable"? Is that sarcasm?

Andrew Austin
Green Bay, WI

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> Paddy:
> >is taken as sufficient for considerable action to be taken.  In terms of
> >such things as food additives, agricultural pesticides etc. regulatory
> >action is taken when there is toxicological evidence to suggest the
> >POSSIBILITY of harm - generally based on intakes by the test
> animals 100 (or
> >even higher often 100 x 100) times intakes possible by humans.
> This contradicts everything we know about regulatory bodies in the
> capitalist state. The record reveals in fact that such bodies act in
> collusion with industry because the men who appoint other men to these
> bodies are stooges of the capitalist class.

That is just NOT TRUE.  One of the POSITIVE things about capitalist
BRITAIN - and to a considerable extent capitalist USA - is that we have an
uncorruptible CIVIL SERVICE - which is far from being the tool of big

In terms of protection of the public and the environment, ever since the
first Food and Drugs Act in 1860, although it took some years before a
really effective surveyance mechanism was set up - the service has taken
very effective action against rogue capitalists who were endangering the
public and the environment.  This is just the service in which I began my
scientific  career and which my whole professional life has been dedicated
to improving.

What you say is little less than a malicious slander on the probity of every
scientist in the public service and in industry.  In my very considerable
experience the main culprits are the "wide boys" not the large concerns
which   even if their main concern may be to protect their public image
always co-operate well with the law.   This is just one of those silly
attitudes so widespread among the left which it is necessary to correct.

Don't just believe the slanted image that sells newspapers !!!

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