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Tue Jan 23 14:05:55 MST 2001

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>Dear Friends
>The preliminary results of the CrashList Poll of political priorities are
>now placed
>on the CrashList website at:
>The poll  -- our modest celebration of the inauguration of the Bush
>regime, was
>carried out 19-23 January 2001.
>Mark Jones
>CrashList owner

I have just made a visit.  Mind blowing actually.   Patrick Bond is
something else.  I wish all the comrades, who contributed, well in the

My amour-propre was a good deal deflated by the contrast between my own
contribution and that of others.  Ah well!

A phrase from Phil Ferguson's contribution struck me particularly forcibly
and that was on the lowering of horizons by the Left. This has certainly
happened to myself. I suspect without my ever being fully aware of the

It is hard though in the present climate to fight this process.  It is not
so much that there is a danger of being corrupted.  It took me a long time
to work out that they were never going to make an offer.  It is just that
the general climate in which we live and work has absorbed so much of TINA.

I do not want this to sound unduly pessimistic.  I have deep down an
absolute conviction that the current anti-capitalist current will turn into
a tsunami that will wreck great revenge on neo-liberalism.



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