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Keith, your friend can check out _Capitalist Property and Financial Power: A
Comparative Study of Britain, the United States and Japan_ (John Scott, 1986,
Wheatsheaf Books). The book presents a comparative analysis of  property ownership&
corporate control, legal structure of capitalist property, and method &
measurement in the study of property. A very strong power research.



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> hi,
> a friend asked me to forward an essay he wrote for responses from the list
> (see below).  if anyone feels like it, please comment.  there are a number of
> problems with it, which im sure most of you can point out better than i (only
> been aware of marxism for about a year), but basically, hes just looking for
> a good marxian definition of private property so he can understand exactly
> what it means to abolish it and what will replace it.  i think he just doesnt
> buy the anarchist ideas that underlie most marxian conceptions of
> post-capitalist society.
> anyway, i am looking for any good references (book, articles, etc) on
> immigration, with emphasis on current problems.  thanks in advance
>  keith
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