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New Items on the CIEPAC Webpage

To our friends and readers:

The CIEPAC webpage now contains new chapters for your consultation. Among

1) Biodiversity. Here you will find documents on biopiracy in Chiapas.
2) Peace Process. Here are the Official Communications from the National
Mediation Commission (CONAI) regarding the negotiation process between the
EZLN and the Federal Government. You will also find here the text of the
San Andres Accords, the text of the peace proposals, and various tables and
graphs detailing the format of the negotiations.
3) Chronology. This chapter provides a detailed chronology of important
events in Chiapas since 1994.
4) Laws. Found here are important laws regarding the conflict in Chiapas,
including: the Law for Peace and Concordance, the Law of
Remunicipalization, the Law on Indigenous Rights and Culture, and the
Amnesty Law directed toward paramilitaries.
5) Publications. Here you will find publications edited by CIEPAC, as well
as links to the appropriate "Chiapas al Dia" bulletins summarizing the
6) Directories. Here we provide a list of links to other webpages,
categorized into four themes: Globalization, Free Trade and Multilateral
Organizations; Human Rights; the Federal and State Government and
Secretariats; Biodiversity and Food Security; Religion; Media; the EZLN;
and Peace and Militarization.
7) Bulletins. Our bulletins of analysis,"Chiapas al Dia," are released
weekly. Year 2000s  bulletins will soon be out in English. You can search
for bulletins by either theme or date.
8) Maps. More than 60 maps are gathered here, organized into four
categories: economic, political, social, and military.
9) Documents and analysis. This chapter contains almost thirty documents
and research papers on various issues, including: health, education,
humanitarian aid, remunicipalization, The Indigenous Congress of 1974,
militarization, paramilitarization, and more.
10) Photos. This chapter is under construction. In the future, you will
find here photos on different political and social events in Chiapas since
11) Who we are. Here you can learn about the history and present work of
12) Would you like to support CIEPAC? Here you will find different ways of
supporting or collaborating with CIEPAC so that we may continue our work
with the indigenous and farming communities of Chiapas and within the
social process of the country.
13) Comments. Your comments and suggestions about our webpage are welcome

Thanks to all our friends and readers.

The CIEPAC team
Chiapas, Mexico.

Centro de Investigaciones Económicas y Políticas de Acción Comunitaria, A.C.

Eje Vial Uno No. 11
Colonia Jardines de Vista Hermosa
29297 San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México
Teléfono y Fax: (01)9-67 85832
ciepac at laneta.apc.org
Miembro de la Red Mexicana de Acción Frente al Libre Comercio (RMALC)y de
Convergencia de Organismos Civiles por la Democracia.

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