Stephen Jay Gould: conflict between science and religion not necessary

Lou Paulsen wwchi at
Wed Jan 24 07:07:12 MST 2001

-(review of _Rocks of Ages_ snipped)

Since it has come up, let me throw in my two cents and say that this book of
Gould's is the worst thing he hever wrote, and I say this as someone who is
one of the greatest admirers there could be of Gould's writings on science
and the history of science.

However, like many brilliant scientists, he has fallen into the trap of
thinking that his opinions on sociological matters are as good as his
insights on his own scientific field.

Basically, he argues that "religion" can be peaceably purged of all
statements about real-world fact, such as "Jesus rose from the dead," and
that believers have no reason to object and will all go along with it.  I'm
sorry, this is just too implausible.

Lou Paulsen

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