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Patrick Bond wrote:

> >This is only the way, don't you see, Cde Mark J, for us to best
> >reform the neoliberal imperialist system (oooh, yes!!), and,
> >especially, to change the minds of the Bush administration and IMF,
> >so they'll be nice to us. That way, you see, we can win the space to
> >establish rural SMMEs through microcredit (targeted to women), ensure
> >that modern performance management systems are in place to improve
> >productivity at workplaces and at what's left of the public sector
> >(after we outsource for efficiencies' sake).

sarcasm or real comments? I try to share your optimism, Pat, but this local/ micro-
thing simply failed to work in other parts of the world.We know that microcredit
are part of  World Bank's empowerment & modernization projects in the third world.
They are a
new phase of neo-structural adjustment programs with a slight twist--local development
place of state guided development, but their source is the same: IMF and World Bank.
mentality is to introduce capitalism to Africa or to reform it in case it fails.  I
know the case with Africa. Microcredit may have generated some productive results in
sense of helping the poor, especially women. In India, the G. bank turned out to be a
privileged institution in the hands of local elites profiting from women. This being
case,  I wish to be mistaken with respect to AFrica.

I know you are busy so am I . Just few comments of concern.




> And then the next
> project becomes imposing humanitarian sanctions, via the UN, on all
> those naughty governments who disagree with the formula. Are you
> finally convinced now, comrade?
> > In fact,
> > there is a urgent desire to *separete* social movements from the class basis of
> > capitalism. As Mouffe said .the "common denominator of all new social movements" is
> > their "differentiation from workers' struggles, as class struggles" . That is what
> > bourgeois concept of  *new* social movements imply--either a loosely defined
> > movements or multiplicity of alliences encountering globalization on a wide range
> > issues (important but not enough!) The emphasis is on the *supposed* failures of
> > Marxism&central planning and substitute of Marxian politics with new social
> > styles of strategies.
> >
> > In _Marxism and Culture_  Fields,  "In Defense of Political Economy", p.155),
>offers a
> > critique of  social movements literature  from the stand point of political
> > Here is a small excerpt from Field's critique of  radical pluralist democracy and
> > "transformation from below" thesis.
> > .
> >
> > "the thrust of micrologic analysis is toward a single issue strategic approach,
> > precisely the opposite of anti-imperialist approach. Within the US context, the
> > micrologic approach receives strong support from the ideology of practicality One
> > the major ways by which US political culture has been rendered nonideological is
> > precisely by the emphasis placed upon local, short term results and correlation of
> > success with micrologic strategies" (Fields, "In Defense of Political Economy",

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