Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

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Wed Jan 24 10:58:36 MST 2001

UNCORRUPTIBLE was NOT sarcasm though perhaps the word RELATIVELY should have
preceded it.  Corruption (and Bribery - implied) are not dependent on "which
side of the barricades" one is one.  Anyone who has had anything to with
government agencies in a variety of LDCs - or even in South or Central
Europe - will know what I implied by incorruptible.

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> Paddy,
> Why should admitting the relationship of capitalism to the environment and
> the pro-business function of public institutions be "malicious slander" on
> those who work in the public sector? I am a Marxist working in the US
> university system. I have no illusions that this system is in the
> service of
> corporate America. Your taking personal offense to challenges on
> the system
> may be distracting you from its real character. It certainly exposes an
> uncritical loyalty to public institutions. "Uncorruptable"? Is
> that sarcasm?
> Andrew Austin
> Green Bay, WI

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