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(Side note on this: As an avowed enemy of anything British, I recently was asked to
write for the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement paper. I happily agreed-

Macdonald Stainsby)

This is a reply from the SRSM list, where I had forwarded the bit about Scottish

-McDomnahil :-)

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Old Hat Brit style.

Hugh MacDiarmid the communist republican poet, like many others across the
globe, was fooled by Mussolini's "Marxism" in the 30's, till he invaded
Abyssinia. Many were also fooled by Schicklegruber's German National
Socialist Workers Party's "left" radical noises. (Are we fooled by the
English National "Socialist W**kers Party" and their "fascist" jibes and
silly propaganda?) The CP of GREAT Britain, and CP in France, did not
support the allied war effort, until Hitler broke his pact with Stalin. Hugh
MacDiarmid's son, Michael Grieve, Douglas Young and other SNP leaders were
imprisoned for refusing to be conscripted to the British Army. They did not
support Fascism in any shape or form. Britain did NOT enter the war to fight
fascism. In fact fascism had plenty of encouragement from the Brits before
the war. Britain entered to save her Empire. Hitler believed that Britain
should be his allies against communism, or the Soviet version. Eventually he
said he would take Britain's Empire away and create a United European
Empire. Much of Britain's aristocracy and industrialists supported Hitler,
including the King, who had to abdicate.

Labour MPs were responsible for forming the British Fascist Union under

Now the Scottish Nationalists, like the Irish and Welsh do not believe they
are superior to anyone else. Unlike the British Nationalists they do not
wish to rule anyone else. Lenin described the differences of the Nationalism
of the Oppressed from the Nationalism of the Oppressor. The British left
have little to say about their own British nationalism and the imperialism
of their own working class. Just look at the reputation of their soccer
fans. Chauvinism and imperialism is not just confined to sport and their
sports commentators. The English WC have still to purge themselves of their
imperialist past, where they had a few gains at the expense of others in the
Evil Empire.

Every nation has right to its own natural resources, unless of course they
are ruled by Brits. Scotland, apart from Nigeria, is the only nation to have
discovered oil and have been poorer for it. North Sea oil is in Norwegian
and Scottish waters. Does England want Norwegian as well as Arab oil? The
money has been squandered to pay off  SE England's overheated and bloated,
congested, constipated, over centralised and subsidised, economy.

The Labour Movement in Scotland was founded on Home Rule all Round as one of
its main planks. The radical, republican founders of the SLP, such as RB
Cunninghame Graham and Doctor Clarke. left to found the Scottish Party in
1926. Even Ramsay MacDonald was a Secretary of the Scottish Home Rule
Association, founded in 1886. There was merger in the early 30's with the
National Party, consisting of some right wing University academics, but the
membership was overwhelmingly to the left and have been left of Labour ever
since. But so have the Brownies. Viscount Earl Atlee campaigned in Scotland
on Home Ruler platform and said it was not practical when in Office. Dr
McIntyre left the BLP and stood ads an SNP candidate and won a Motherwell by
election, only to lose it in the Labour landslide in '45. It is nonsense to
claim that the SNP became irrelevant, Since the mid 60' they consistently
won the majority votes, coming second in nearly every seat. Lord Callaghan
said it was not the seats they won that worried him but the seats they came
second in.

Scottish Industry did not just run down in Thatcher's rule, but has been
part of a longer trend. As a branch economy Scottish factories closed to
save English factories, often moving South, with no solidarity action from
the English WC and Tame Unions. As for Irrelevancy? Who has ever heard of
the British Nationalist "left" in any meaningful sense?

Macdonald Stainsby

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