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Some comments from Nestor. They might be of interest to the list. Could
you please post them ...? I've checked with him and he doesn't mind
circulating them more widely.

John Enyang

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el 23 Jan 01, a las 10:50, John Enyang dijo:

> Nestor,
> It is your comment below to which I refered.

> > ...The Chinese Revolution, a socialist revolution as it was, did not
> >deny the existence of a bourgeoisie in China which had to be included in
> >the notion of "Chinese people", in whose name the revolution had been
> >made _even with the opposition of the largest fractions of that
> >bourgeoisie to which the fig leaf was being offered_!
> I'm inclined to take a rather dimmer view of the Third World bourgeois.

I am not taking any stronger view than anyone's. I don't care for the Third
World bourgeois, particularly for the Argie brand. They are lost for history,
and they have never been able to develop their own program. I despise them.
what I am working with is with actual people who are struggling against
imperialism, and in that struggle make a long historic experience, where the
attempt to develop national capitalism _can_ be one of the temptations. If
temptation takes root, it is for good historical reasons, and a revolutionary
must understand them. The Argentinean portion of the Third World bourgeoisie
has NEVER had a progressive role to play, which does not mean that bourgeois
nationalism did not. Two different things.

> Perhaps its Argentinian portion still has a residual progressive role to
> play, and I would defer to you on this, but in most of Africa this class
> is to all practical purposes aligned with imperialism against "the
> people". And I say this well aware of the nationalist noises which come
> from these quarters from time to time.

My position is more related to the "national-revolutionary" contents of the
word. When a Third World country arrives at a strong position against, say,
IMF, it is a popular measure, not a socialist one. But a revolutionary one,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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