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Dennis R Redmond dredmond at SPAMoregon.uoregon.edu
Wed Jan 24 18:25:59 MST 2001

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Mark Jones wrote:

> You are providing an apologetics for ANC/SACP backsliding, for their
> growing corruption and growing embrace of neoliberalism, and this is
> despite your entirely gestural and frankly, unserious, even weightless,
> criticisms of them, because you yourself are providing the best
> theoretical justification for neoliberalism, by proving that there
> really is no alternative (for what else does you theoretically
> incoherent apologetics for 'delinkage', for 'attacking the embryo world
> state' etc, amount to?)

This confuses neoliberalism with the exchange-net. They're two
different things. Not every act of exchange is unequal; Marxists ought to
hold to the long-term utopia of free and equal exchange, which means
practicing a politics as complex and multi-layered as the division of
labor permits.

I'd argue that decommodifying basic services, building up working-class
organizations, practicing transnational solidarity and fighting to
recapture the much-underestimated power of the nation-state is the essence
of Left politics in the periphery these days. China shows it can work;
Cuba shows you can win enormous advances in education, health care and
income security, in the teeth of imperialist aggression; and Vietnam shows
you can start from scratch and build up your export industries, a.k.a. the
productive forces, pretty quickly.

-- Dennis

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