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Mark Jones jones.mark at SPAMbtconnect.com
Wed Jan 24 19:08:49 MST 2001

 Dennis R Redmond wrote:
> This confuses neoliberalism with the exchange-net.

My attacks on Pat Bond, though not with cause, were over the top. I am desisting
forthwith. Those who are interested in the view from/of S Africa should join his
elist, debate, which is excellent even if a little too social-democratic for my

My feelings about Kagarlitsky are a lot more negative, however, at least they are if
he is going to be presented as a cult icon. This is a man who argues like this:

>>So what did Prague mean for the left? The most important
 development was that in Prague, the movement against corporate
 globalisation became truly international, that is, global. Seattle
 was above all a manifestation of protest by a new generation of
 American youth, to a significant degree retracing the route of the
 1960s radicalisation, though in new historical circumstances. Now,
 thanks to Prague, the movement has taken root in Europe. For the
 first time since the international brigades in Spain in the 1930s,
 people from different countries joined in resisting a common enemy,
 resisting it physically. <<

Leaving aside the relentless theoretical frivolity of Kagarlitsky's conception of
the global conjuncture, there is what we now in Britain call his 'common-sense
bypass', which enables him (a former Soviet person) to think and really believe that
there are no examples in European history since 1936, of "people from different
countries joined in resisting a common enemy,  resisting it physically."

I suspect that this sort of amnesia about the second world war is actually
pre-emptive: his blind spot is actually about  [the impending?] world war three.


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