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el 23 Jan 01, a las 13:28, Mark Jones dijo:

> >the tactics
> > proposed by the Che either in Africa or in Argentina was disastrous.
> so what should have been his tactics?

Mark relishes in the fringes of provocation.  I can only give what was the
tactics that I would have supported: get in contact with actual mass movements
in Latin America, provide a common front against imperialism starting from that
place. This was exactly the opposite from the disastrous foquismo.

> >Couldn't
> > Kabila have seen this, and thus not follow Guevara's deadly gospel? Let us
> > face it: _if_ Guevara was murdered in Bolivia it was _both_ due to the
> > imperialists and to _Guevarism_, which blindfolded him as to the social
> > characteristics of the Bolivian peasant.
> Well, he was blindfolded by his CIA captors and local henchmen who promptly shot
> him.

Oh, Mark, if things had been that easy! The ideology of the focus put him in
their hands long before he landed in Bolivia. This is the tragedy.

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