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> And when it comes to the chauvinist views of soccer fans, well you'd be
> hard-pressed to show that English fans were any more chauvinist than
> Glasgow Rangers fans.  Scottish soccer is awash with national chauvinism
> and religious bigotry/sectarianism, primarily directed at the Irish and at
> Catholics.

On this I can bear witness somehow. I still remember when Estudiantes de la
Plata, a quite modest soccer (no, no, no, it is fútbol, not soccer) club had to
go for a couple of games with Celtic Glasgow for the World Cup, just as Racing
de Avellaneda before.

Those were the times when the English Fútbol Association stole a World
Championship in the face of the world in London, scheduling matches so that the
British team had more time to relax between matches, managing the appointment
of referees so that those who would be partial to England were useful to its
goals, and so on, the mid 60s.

The display of racist chauvinism that befell on the Argentinean national team
during that Championship was astonishingly (for those Argentineans who still
believed that the English were a race apart, better than the mass of humankind)
high. We were blatantly stolen a game by a German referee (a final match
between Germany and England was "scheduled" by commercial interest and European
chauvinism). Our players, still crude plebeians who believed that no European
was better than any Argentinean, protested strongly and -subject to a
conspiracy of foul management- began to resort to foul play, though not at the
level that other national teams had already displayed in that Championship.
"Animals, animals!" was the battlecry of the English coach against us.

No difference at all with the behaviour of the Scottish coaches and the
Scottish fans during the matches against Racing or Estudiantes. Nobody in
Argentina would have been able to tell a chauvinist Scotsman from a chauvinist
Englishman, not even through a DNA analysis.

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