Scottish nationalism (2)

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Thu Jan 25 05:19:39 MST 2001

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el 25 Jan 01, a las 14:28, Philip Ferguson dijo:

> Er, the spoils of imperialism weren't just doled out in England.  They were
> doled out in *Britain*, including Scotland.  If workers in Britain benefited
> from imperialism, Scottish workers benefited every bit as much as English
> workers.  Needless to say, where the British Evil Empire was doing its work,
> there were to be found plenty of Scottish regiments, administrators and
> plunderers.

Weren't they disproportionately _more_ than English ones? I mean, since within
the general framework of British Empire the best share at home was reserved to
Englishmen, wasn't there a higher propension for Scotsmen to try abroad than
for Englishmen?

Just curious. I had that idea.

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