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Thu Jan 25 14:57:50 MST 2001

> When the Scots mobilise en masse to get their soldiers out of the North of
> Ireland, I might believe that they are a bit more progressive than the
> section of the British population south of where Hadrian built his wall.
> Until then I'll continue to hold the view that there is little fundamental
> difference between England and Scotland and their populations, except that
> the English are probably a bit more cosmopolitan (which is a good thing).
> Cheers,
> Phil

The SRSM maillist that is at egroups is heavily loaded with Irish republican news,
etc. This group (unlike the SSP or the "Scottish Socialist Voice", which I read here
fairly regularly) is fairly constant in their total support of the reunification of
the Irish. The SSP, as someone mentioned, are busy smelling a whiff of power and
considering what to do if power becomes attainable. I have met some staunchly
pro-Irish Scots. Ones quite embarassed by the historical makeup of the occupiers of
the North. Take another look, Phil. They are quite progressive, all in all. The ones
who are for Scottish independence, Irish independence and socialism have abandoned
Sean Connery and the boys a long time ago.

You might want to check levels of unemployment, average income, etc. It isn't the
worst situation by any means. But it isn't a contest for levels of oppresion, either.


Macdonald Stainsby

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