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> > > decommodifying basic services, building up working-class
> > > organizations, practicing transnational solidarity and fighting to
> > > recapture the much-underestimated power of the nation-state is the essence
> > > of Left politics in the periphery these days.
> >
> > In fact, I find it hard to understand why Mark does not agree with the above.
> > Unless one feels that there is no place for humans to fight against the
> > central tendencies of the model (even if these tendencies happened to be as
> > definitive as Mark seems to believe), struggles in the defensive front that
> > Dennis describes on the above are essential for the build up of our movement
> > in the periphery. In a sense, this is exactly why Yugoslavia was subject to
> > bombing and destruction for more than two months.
> >
> > Why can't Mark understand in Africa the things he understood in Yugoslavia, is
> > a mystery to me.
> If Nato decided it's 'out-of-area' interests included southern Africa and it
> declared war on the ANC on the grounds that Mbeki etc were corrupt, denied human
> rights etc (which it plausibly could do, since the west has been so busy
> successfully corrupting the ANC/SACP for so long now) then I would want to
> solidarise with Mbeki (who is today conferring with Bill gates etc at Davos)
> just as I did with Milosevic. But surely "the essence> > of Left politics in the
> periphery these days" must be more than just the things Dennis lists.

1) I was not trying to understand Mbeki, but Kabila's assassination.

2) the essence of Left politics in the periphery these days lies in launching
measures such as those listed by Dennis, because those measures, once taken,
push history forward. In this sense, "in Empire we trust". Any set of measures
such as the above will inevitably invite a backlash, and imperialists will
certainly not lose time (particularly at the global conjuncture you so sharply

Maybe I should have written "tactics", instead of "essence". But this is a -er,
look how dialectical I can become!- "strategic tactics".


> Mark

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