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> Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:
> > >Why can't Mark understand in Africa the things he understood in Yugoslavia,
> > >is a mystery to me.
> >
> well, I sort of agree with Mark here.

Fine, he's a very interesting chap to agree with. I have a high esteem of his
opinions... =)

> Milosovic resisted (to the extend that he
> could); African governments gave in like other governments around the world.
> Milosovic's regime was *still*  socialist; African governments are
> neo-liberalized national bourgeois establishments.

Neither all of them, nor exactly so. Some of the material that has been
reaching this list recently give a different image of, at least, Kabila. The
problem is that imperialism does not even accept neo-liberalized national
bourgeois establishments to remain "national". They need them to become fully
colonial, to deprive them of any shred of defensive reflexes. Anything less is
unacceptable for them, and this is an idea that perspirates directly from
Mark's positions. This is why I don't understand him nor, so it seems, you.
There is a difference with the Turkish or Argentinean case. You say:

> Why can't I understand, for
> example, in Turkey the things that I understand in Yugoslavia? The answer is
> simple: There is a social democratic bourgeois regime in service of US
> imperialism.  If Turkey were subject to NATO bombing ...  I
> would solidify myself with Turkish government. Given that it is not, I would
> not. Wouldn't you in the case of Argentina?

If a government in Argentina  does not close deal with eager imperialist mining
investors, or tries to overwit them by taking their money not paying back the
way they want, if a government such as that appears in Argentina, I will simply
put all my energy in pushing this government forward, not in attacking it.
Imperialists will certainly speak the opposite language. Such is life...


Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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