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> > , but then I make
> > a radical distinction between organised religions and for want of a
> > term I would call the religious impulse.
> Gary, please explain what you mean by this... flesh it out, if you will.

George: i am not sure what Garry means by the religious impulse. religion
and science are both institutions, which exercize power in society. they are
not just abstractions of thought. I have a sense of what Garry means by
"religious impulse." however, I cannot say if this is a fundimental human
need for transcendence or a need generated out of historical conditions.
perhaps Marx felt such an impulse and embodied  it as socialism? now, I know
that all of the scientific materialists on the list will think I have gone
off the deep end. one cannot help but have a sense of wonder in the face of
the universe. the problem is when people take hold of this sense of wonder
and transform it into institutions of power like organized religions. in
this context, I still think Saramago's THE GOSPLE ACCORDING TO JESUS CHRIST
IS IMPORTANT. Saramago is very antireligious, but himself, gripped by a
"religious  impulse." i am not sure if this is quite what Garry has in mind.
> Macdonald

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