care for children

George Snedeker snedeker at
Fri Jan 26 08:11:07 MST 2001

Doyle has raised the question of care of and for children in relation to
changes in social welfare policy. if we also consider health care and
education, it is clear that capital has very little concern for the children
of the lowest paid members of the working class. it was in this context that
I mentioned the prison industrial complex and the mainstream debates over
education. in the long run these policies seem quite irrational. if these
children are no longer needed to constitute the labor power of the future,
they will still pose problems of social control. they cannot just be dumped
into prisons. the educational system fails to provide  for the development
of children into persons with meaningful lives. its failure to teach basic
skills is not its only failure. however, schools are only one link in the
chain of institutions I mentioned in an earlier post. it is the kind of
society capital has produced that is the problem, not the schools in

it is of course true that capital does not have a good record of caring for
the well being of children. look at the use of child labor during the
industrial revolution and today through out the global economy. I am not
sure that social welfarepolicy prior to 1996 was all that concerned about
children. now there is even less concern. we should not forget the  United
State has the highest percentage of children living in poverty of all of the
core nations.

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