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Dear friends:

Below is an appeal from the Korea Truth Commission on U.S. Military
Massacres of Civilians. We are sending this to you because of your
BASES FROM KOREA or because of concern you have otherwise expressed about
this issue.

We urge you to endorse support the important initiative described in the
following Appeals. (Please respond and return toicpj at


Help the People's Investigation of U.S. War Crimes Against Korea

Join International Grass Roots Groups Organizing for War Crimes Tribunal,
June 23rd, NEW YORK CITY


Since September of 1999, evidences of more than 160 instances of US-led
military attacks on more than 2.5 million Korean non-combatants (Washington
Post, June 13, 2000 ) during the Korean War have surfaced. Hundreds of
thousands of children, women, and elderly people are believed to have been
massacred as a result of orders from the top U.S. military leadership.
Because of the anti-communist/right wing atmosphere whipped up during the
McCarthy era, an anti-war opposition in the United States never developed,
and the U.S mass media never revealed these horrific crimes. Consequently,
Washington and its long series of south Korean client regimes have been
able to suppress the Korean people's cry for justice.

On June 23rd, 2001 Koreans (including some who are survivors of such
attacks) from both north and south Korea, and from Canada, Europe, Japan,
the United States and other Korean communities around the world, will meet
in New York City to take part in a war crimes tribunal. The tribunal will
be the culmination of a people's investigation of the role of the US-led
military in massacres of civilians during the war.

The investigation has included a series of trips to south Korea during
which activists visited massacre sites, interviewed survivors, and saw
evidences that refuted the U.S. contention that the numbers of Korean
civilians killed by US-led troops during the war have been exaggerated, and
that any killings were not due to commanders' orders but to panic and
inexperience of the troops.

The investigation teams to south Korea also attended demonstrations
protesting the continued division of Korea and the continued presence of
37,000 U.S. troops who have committed more than 100,000 crimes against
civilians since 1953. Due to the notorious U.S.' arbitrary agreement with
its client south Korean regimes on the status of U.S. troops, only less
than 1 % of those despicable crimes have been brought to Korean legal systems.

The participants from both Koreas and overseas Korean communities will be
joined by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and other progressive and
anti war activists throughout the country. Representatives from the 15
other countries that participated in the war will also be present. They
will put the U.S. government, particularly the Washington DC war-makers, on
trial for their crimes against the Korean people.

TO ENDORSE THE CALL for the June 23rd War Crimes Tribunal e-mail
Crimes Tribunal in the subject line.)


In September of 1999, the Associated Press began publishing a series of
articles resulting from a long investigation of a massacre that took place
at the south Korean village of NoGun-ri in July of 1950. Hundreds of
villagers were pinned beneath a bridge for 3 days as US military forces
strafed them from aircraft, mowed them down with machine gun fire, and
fired mortars at them. It is believed that some 400 villagers were
massacred. This My Lai-like episode was only the most prominent among many
that were brought out by the AP in the ensuing months. There is evidence
that the mass executions of perhaps 100,000 prisoners by the south Korean
regime were carried out with the complicity of their commanders/sponsors in
Washington DC. What emerged in the AP series and from other sources was not
"mistakes by panic stricken troops" as the current US investigation of
NoGun-ri implies - but rather a systematic campaign of extermination that
targeted the broad and progressive Korean resistance movement. What
happened in Korea is scarcely different than the carnage at the Highway of
Death during the U.S. war against Iraq in 1991, the U.S. bombing of a
pharmaceutical factory in August of 1998 in Sudan, or the bombing of
civilians in Panama or Yugoslavia.

The Korea Truth Commission, and International Action Center to investigate
U.S. War Crimes, have jointly called for this important war crimes tribunal
in order to expose the true nature of the U.S. war against Korea. However
this call for action is not for the sake of accusation regarding the past,
but for a TRUE RECONCILIATION which will be possible only after the truth
is fully told.

Only a people's campaign in solidarity with the Korean fight for truth,
self-determination and justice can succeed in revealing the whole truth
about the war the U.S. illegally waged 50 years ago, and end the division
of Korea and the continued presence 37,000 U.S. troop in south Korea. We
invite your organization to endorse this historic event and join us in New
York City, on June 23rd.

TO ENDORSE THE CALL for the June 23rd War Crimes Tribunal e-mail :
Crimes Tribunal in the subject line.)

Or fill out the following form:

___ Yes, add my name/my organization's name to the endorsers' list for June

Name: _____________________________________________________

Name of organization: _____________________________________ (* if for
identification purposes only)

____ Yes, I can contribute to help this mobilization (suggested donation
for endorsing organizations: $100, $50, or $25 depending on ability;
donations can be sent to the KTC) Korea Truth Commission
#255071981-27434129 Chevy Chase Bank, 2351 Randolp Road, Silver Spring MD
20906, U.S.A

____ Yes, I can organize transportation to NYC and be an organizing center
for the mobilization.

____ Please send me literature by mail to help promote the June 23rd Tribunal.

Yours in solidarity,

Rev. Kiyul Chung, Secretary General Korea Truth Commission
733, 15th St. NW, Suite 515,
Washington DC, 20005
email: koreatruthcommission at
web: http:// (will be available by the end of
phone: 202-347-4666 fax : 202-347-4994

Mr. Ramsey Clark (former US Attorney General) International Action Center
39 West 14th Street, Room 206 New York, NY 10011
email: iacenter at
phone: 212 633-6646 fax: 212 633-2889

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