Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

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>  >And I have certainly never met one who was not in favour of
>  >humane treatment of animals used in their experiments
> Which sidesteps the question raised by the animal rights
> activists: are the
> experiments themselves inhumane?

- which is itself an inhumane question to ask IF the experiments are for the
benefit of humanity (animal rights activists put the "rights" of animals
above those of humans !!!).

The best answer I can give is to quote a couple of paragraphs from another
responder (scientist) to my epistle: (which I shorty add, in full, to my

--- quote

As a scientist who used to work in toxicology research for a competitor of
HLS and who is considering moving back into that field, I must add my
support to your comments on your web page.
I have never considered that what we were doing was wrong - we all know
people who have suffered and will always strive to help those in the future
to suffer less.  To do anything to damage that is anti-human and merely
reinforces the hatred these people must have for other humans (which seems
almost to be fashionable these days).  Firstly they attack the workers in
CRO's and threaten their families and supporters directly, and indirectly
they consign the hope for sufferers from disease the world over to the

I never witnessed cruelty and everything
possible was done to ensure the animals did not suffer.  The fact that one
misguided individual at HLS mistreated a dog does not mean that the rest of
us are bloodthirsty, cruel torturers.  There are far more pet owners who
fill that position.

The studies we performed were extremely expensive, and simple economics
would drive our sponsors to find any possible way of either eliminating
animal trials or reducing the numbers to a bare minimum.  In fact, the law
requires that a minimum number of animals are used.  The argument that we
should use humans instead is rather hollow as we already do.  Once the
animal phase is over the test articles are moved onto human trial phases
using either volunteers or sufferers from specific diseases.

To allow the uninformed but passionate protesters to win this argument puts
us all at risk, not only due to the reversal of scientific advancement, but
who knows who the next target of the fanatics will be.  Fanaticism coupled
with violence can never be tolerated by any fair-minded society.

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