Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Fri Jan 26 15:08:29 MST 2001

Despite the comment made by one list member that any more discussion on
this theme would make them throw up, it really is necessary to reply to
the absurdities of the pro- 'science' crowd.      Whether the discussion
be about causes and treatment of depression, animal rights, cancer, or
highway building  for that matter, 'science' is proposed as the
catch-all solution.    All in a way that would put the Christian
Crusaders to shame.

Paddy goes forward with his one finger in the air ala the Jesus people,
and it truly is comical..... except that his refrain is bought almost
1000 % in many circles, including most oftentimes... the public

His campaign against those that he says threaten 'the reversal of
scientific advancement', echo the earlier launched campaigns against
'tree- spiking terrorists' who supposedly oppose what is considered by
many to be 'scientific' forest management.    Or the campaigns for 'wise
growth' that want to 'scientifically' manage natural resources, instead
of kissing salamanders and owls.

Also, what comes to mind, are those 'scientific' transportation
analysts, always on board as advocates for yet more highways.    And
those corporate sponsored charities always fighting cancer, lung
disease, mental illness,  etc.      Better living through better
chemistry!...  and yet more 'science', please.      We have to see the
need.     Please, open your hearts and pocket books...

Others have answered Paddy with concern for the torture of animals.
But we should have concern for the torture of humans, also.       This
exagerrated respect for the practitioners of science leads to people
accepting gross stupidity and cruelty, simply becuse they become
convinced that it is 'scientific' to do so.

They accept Doctors prescribing tardive dyskenia causing drugs for their
elders, and Ritalin style meds for their children.     They accept the
idea that more development of more unnecessary technology is needed,
because 'science' is God.     We must advance forward!

If the tech is there, use it.     If we can develop more, then do it.
Never mind that it s a near dead (and trying to die) person on a vent,
or a vehicle that causes millions of deaths per year world wide.
Beats the horse, you Luddite fool.    'Science' must be respected.
Shall we return to the past?      Pump mechanical air in by the beat.
Poor souls, but 'science' will fight on!.

Marxists have to be aware that the roots of its movement got sucked up
into the vortex of this mindset.      Marxism as yet another science!
A 'science of society' that could lead to yet more 'scientific'
advancement!     Bigger and better factories!    Wow!      A human
paradise construction.

Marxists like Paddy will argue that we have to be able to differentiate
between pseudo science, and 'real' science.      True enough.    So what
is the difference?

True scientific medicine says ... 'First, do no harm.'     Capitalist
medicine parading as science..... SHOUTS.....' More, more, more tech.'
Especially in the food industry, Paddy.      Especially when it comes to
lab experiments on them dumb, unimportant animals.    We have to think
of the humans first, we're 'scientists'!

What a curse this 'humanistic' religion can cast over the public will.
Efficiency, more and more and more.     An everlasting spin.     A race
against time.     Our God can conquer god's work.      This is the
capitalist 'science' machine at work.

Tony Abdo

<To allow the uninformed but passionate protesters to win this argument
puts us all at risk, not only due to the reversal of scientific
advancement, but who knows who the next target of the fanatics will be.
Fanaticism coupled with violence can never be tolerated by any
fair-minded society.>
--- end of quote
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