Racial Profiling- Embedded in the American Psych

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Fri Jan 26 15:39:40 MST 2001

I don't know that most all list members are aware of the campaign to
catch the '7 Texas escapees'.     To give them the death penalty....
that is.

 It's part of the Bush/ US capitalist media offensive..... Speak softly,
March Right campaign.     It was big news amongst the unwashed heathen.
Watch *America's Most Wanted*, and then catch the 'scum'!     Which is
just what happened.      You too, can join the lynch mob!    Oh what

How pervasive US racial profiling is.     Did we even recognize it this
time?     All the posters for the 'bad boys' had an unusual structure in
the press listing.    It entered the brain like a sleepy virus.

The order of the 'Seven' was not alphabetical as would be expected.
All the prisoners with Hispanic last names were listed first, ON TOP,
with their photos.     The three Anglos came on bottom, with the tall
one in the middle.     It was the tall one that got noticed by the
'hero' public citizen.    The effect was an ever so subtle connecting in
the Anglo mind, of criminality with slightly darker skin.     Good work,
Police!     We didn't even notice.

Tony Abdo

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