George Snedeker snedeker at
Fri Jan 26 18:30:54 MST 2001

I want to begin by correcting Tony. I said that I would "scream," not "throw

it seems to me that Paddy's position is indefensible. he articulates a
version of scientism which promises only death to humanity and the rest of
nature. I am not an animal rights activist. however, it seems to me that his
first post set the tone for the discussion that followed by referring to
both "terrorism" and Fascism" in one breath. anyone who refuses to grant
that there are real limits to the domination over nature is living in the 17
century. progress can no longer be thought of as a march of scientific
advancement. we do need to look at the consequences of our anthropocentric
worldview. science in contemporary society cannot be thought of as isolated
from capitalist social relations. this is not a call to abandon science or
reason. instead, it is a call to see science as having some inherent

the kind of old fashion humanism  that Paddy wants to defend lacks any class
analysis. it posits humanity as the sole agent of progress through the march
of history.  he has offered the kind of strawman that postmodernists use
when attacking naive notions of progress and reason.

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