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let me give it a spin- Landon is saying that Darwin was wrong, or something
like that. George
> You realize, of course, that at least this reader hasn't got the first
> fucking clue what you're talking about.
> No, don't bother to explain. You blew your chance. Only one to a customer.
> José
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> > We can agree with Gould's view of religion, but can we agree with his
> views
> > on evolution?  I think these Darwinists must be really saying, "let us
> > alone, let's play ostrich". Why? Gould should have written in the 1970's
> > what the people like P. Johnson said in the nineties in Was Darwin
> I
> > can understand the frustration with Creationists. But since their
> > have been declared invalid on the basis of Darwinism, they thought to
> check
> > the record to see if the theory stands up. The recent Icons of
> > by Johnathan Wells,from the Johnson gang, documents the pitiful
> distortions
> > in biology texts. Apparently noone in Academia could write such a book.
> > Pitiful.  In some ways the religion debate was doing better in the
> > nineteenth century before Darwin handed secularists a misleading theory
> > claim proof of their case.
> >
> > The Wells book suggests Gould was aware of many flaws in the theory long
> > ago. That has to be true. A close look at his books shows he is
> > attacking every source of counterevidence, e.g. the Blyth book by Loren
> > Eiseley, etc... He is very convincing, but it doesn't add up. Gould and
> > Eldredge could have blown the whistle in the seventies, but didn't. We
> > didn't have to endure a generation of Dawkins distortions.  That's a bit
> > strong for some. But the idea of evolution is not the issue, only the
> > rigidity of the claims for its mechanism.
> >
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