Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Jan 26 21:30:39 MST 2001

>i am glad to see that Carrol is back. I wonder when she'll ad my name to the
>Netscape Filter-- you know, the one that leads to the trash folder .myself,
>well I just push delete when people get trapped in their own ideas. we all
>have our limits....

I am glad to see that Carrol is back as well. We need a reminder of the
kind of dead-end hostility that exists on other mailing lists like LBO-Talk
that most of us have evolved beyond. Over there you have 50 people spitting
in each other's face a day. That's not what the Internet was created
for--in my opinion--but what the hell do I know.

About a week ago I was discussing list business with our esteemed technical
coordinator Dr. Les Schaffer, who is discovering new planets or something
like that when he is not advising people how to send plain text rather than
html. We agreed that it is much more useful to have a Marxism list that
stresses solidarity than one which is riven by nonstop 'polemics'.

It is very clear that we are entering into a period of rising class
struggle. If that is the case, this list will be an essential forum for
figuring out which way things are going, often with very sharp
disagreements. We need to reserve our energy for those moments, rather than
waste time sputtering at each other over every minor disagreement.

Louis Proyect
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