Animal Rights Terrorism - the new Fascism?

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Fri Jan 26 22:45:24 MST 2001

<Tony's jumbling of totally different topics under the single category
of science pro & con has revealed him to be incapable of normal or even
minimally honest discourse.>

The topic is not even about science--- pro or con, Carrol.     It is
about our attitude to being 'pro-science' as marxists.      Do we all
just fall down in awe before whatever myopic argument in the name of
science that is put before us?     But who's even against science on
this list?

It's a pretty sad group of 'marxists' that can't even admit  that much
of the ecological destruction ad cruelty to others of our time, was done
in the name of science, and scientific method.

Carrol again....
<And Tony indulges in amateur scepticism toward real but of course
defective science while showing the most extreme gullibility for any
quack who comes along.>

And who is this quack I allegedly follow?     Or, is this merely a last
huff and puff before you turn your disdain filter on (TM by Carrol) ?

Sorry to say, this argument about 'science' and our attitude towards it
seems to fall along generational lines.      Young Marxists and Leftsts
will never be so gullible once again, as to buy the idiotic brand of
*positive thinking* that wants to make us suckers for constant 'tech'.
We are now in a retreating tide of Left gullibility about the benefits
of unbridled 'technological development'.

Plus, there is a rising wave of comprehension that not just the medical
sysem is out of wack, but that medicine itself is.     As are most other
scientific endeavors under capitalism.      Todays headlines are about
'mad cow disease' spreading to the US, and also the explosion of
diabetes in the US.     'Science' produced this sad state of affairs.

Tony Abdo

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