Important: Report government/police misconduct on Jan. 20

Gary Wilson gary at
Sat Jan 27 13:41:15 MST 2001

Important follow-up to the January 20 protest at Bush's inauguration:

The Partnership for Civil Justice and the National Lawyers Guild needs
your information.

If you either WITNESSED or were SUBJECTED TO any of the following,
please without delay submit your information to the government
misconduct reporting form located at

- pat downs of pockets or any other type of pat down
- waiving of ticket bearers through Inaugural checkpoints
- prevention of persons bearing signs from accessing areas along
Pennsylvania Avenue open to all others
- disruption of processions of people towards the parade route
- stops and frisks
- beatings
- ANY arrests
- any type of differential treatment by law enforcement of
demonstrators, as compared to Bush supporters
- any form of harassment
- confiscation of material

This information is needed ASAP.  Go to to
report any information that you have.

International Action Center
39 West 14th Street, Room 206
New York, NY 10011
email: iacenter at
phone: 212 633-6646
fax:   212 633-2889
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go to

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