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In August 1999, the North American Solidarity with Yugoslavia Delegation
met with Bratislava Morina, then Federal Minister for Refugees, Displaced
Persons and Humanitarian Aid, and we were greatly impressed with her. Here
is an article about Morina since the advent of "democracy" in Yugoslavia.

BETA (Belgrade) Janaury 15, 2001


Belgrade, 15 Jan (BETA) -- In Belgrade today, several masked attackers beat
up Bratislava Buba Morina, a member of the Yugosalv Left's (JUL)
Directorate and a federal deputy, JUL has announced today.

In a statement issued from a meeting of the JUL's Directorate, the party
protested "the organized physical lynching, which in additon to the media
and political lynching, has been directed agianst JUL members for some time."

"The fact that the attackers were masked and that such bandit groups carry
out assignments ordered by headquarters in order to intimidate the citizens
of this country in broad daylight and in the center of the capital is
undeniable proof that the attack (on Morina) had been organized."

"JUL warns that the level of the citizens' personal safety in a European
state which calls itself a democracy is inadequate," the statement reads.

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