Harry Potter

Juan Fajardo fajardos at SPAMix.netcom.com
Sun Jan 28 11:19:44 MST 2001

George Snedeker wrote:
> I think the article you posted has a lot to say, even though it is second
> hand, a review of a review, the original author appears to be an idiot.
> Anthony
> what should children read other than Harry Potter? I guess if they are 13,
> they can read Kurt Vonnegut. when was literature  free of ideology?
> George

My daughter is deep into the third volume of the Harry Potter series,
but I haven't noticed anything particularly petty bourgeois about her,
other than that she keeps counting to see how many Girl Scout cookie
boxes she's sold so far and keeps telling her younger brother what to

I doubt that asking her to read Vonnegut would help counteract the
insidious effects of Harry Potter because he --Vonnegut-- suffers the
same defiency as Rowlings, a deficiency which, I suspect, lies at the
heart of Monsieur Bruno's sagacious critical analysis, and that is a
definite and unfortunate un-Frenchness.

As for Harry, I have a fire going, now I just have to wait until my
daughter isn't looking...

- Juan

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