Fwd (GLW): Did the East Timor intervention kill off `Vietnam syndrome'?

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Mon Jan 29 09:22:44 MST 2001

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el 29 Jan 01, a las 7:39, Macdonald Stainsby dijo:

> Much like those who refuse to oppose sanctions against a country like
> Afghanistan because their government is a bunch of "gorillas" (as Alan puts it),

As an Argentinean, I hereby beg the much insulted species called "gorilla" by
this derogatory use of the word. This usage was invented in Buenos Aires, in
1955, by a reactionary humorist (Aldo Camarotta). When the 1955 coup was
already in the air, Camarotta (a perfect child of American imperialism who has
been always working hand in hand with them afterwards) invented the joke that
"all these menacing sounds must be made by the Gorillas". Thus, Gorilla became
equivalent with anti-national and anti-peronist.

Poor gorillas have nothing to do with this. Sorry.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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