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 To All Persons: The following is a letter delivered to Ms. Judie A. Cyr in
her capacity as given in the letter. This subject is of importance to all of
us as natives to what is called North America because it is a matter related
to the practice fo genocide. It is my hope you recognize its importance and
that you will pass this letter on to all your relatives as an issue that
effects all of us who are members of our own Indian Nations.

A separate mailing that follows contains the full text of the Convention on
Genocide as enacted by the United Nations of the world in 1948.
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Ms. Judie A. Cyr, Postmaster
January 17, 2001<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Toppenish Post Office

14 Jefferson Street

Toppenish, WA 98948

Dear Ms. Cyr:

            I was pleased to have met you yesterday in the Post Office. And,
I thank you for giving me your version, or should I say the official United
States Government position, regarding the name Xuupinish and why it does not
exist as a city or why the name Yakama Nation does not exist as a State. I
thank you for providing me with a copy of A010 General Addressing Standards
from your "bible" as you stated regarding how to go about engaging in "Basic
Addressing". I was especially taken with A010.2.0 ZIP CODE.  May I say that
except for this ZIP CODE Section of the manual I found the ELEMENTS Section,
A010.3.2 to be in error for reasons I related to you yesterday. Namely that
I have both sent and received U.S. Mail to the 1. name of the person, 2.
something like a P.O. Box Number, and 3. the ZIP CODE and it did get there!!
So, I would like to officially say that your "bible", the official USPS
manual, is in grievous error as to that Section entitled Elements A010.3.2

It may surprise you to know that the person at the Toppenish Post Office who
wrote on my Certified Letter to the address Xuupinish, Yakama Nation 98948
was also in error when the intimation was made that the city Xuupinish did
not exist nor did state Yakama Nation. Ironically the person who sent me the
letter, a man named A Red Fox, could have omitted any name and just sent the
letter to me at the street address, along with a ZIP CODE and the letter
would have gotten to me. So, it is with laughter I can report to you that
the name Toppenish, and Washington have been made irrelevant with the use of
the zip code. Stated another way I can report to you as a consumer of the
postal service that Section A010.2.0 and 2.1 and 2.2 are all that is
required in properly addressing a letter or sending any kind of mail.

But finally, I must say that I am troubled by the fact that US Postal
Service employees are encouraging me by omission and commission to break an
international law, namely one called genocide as defined by the Convention
on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, December 9, 1948
to which The United States of America is a signatory to this international
law. This happens when it is suggested that my friends and relatives live in
non-existent Indian places in North and South America. In short it would be
an act of genocide for me to tell my Sahaptin speaking friends they are not
to use their native names because the United States Postal Service does not
recognize them.  The irony of it all is the fact that other "heads" of the
United States Government do recognize the name Xuupinish and Yakama. They
are United States Department of the Interior and the Department of Justice
for example. I do not know who to believe, you or one or more of the other
department heads in the government of the United States.  I must say you
folks have this poor Indian mind confused and filled with consternation. I
await your reply.

You suggested at our parting that we Indians contact the Yakima County
Government, as it is they who decide the names of cities and towns in the
area. Well, I had occasion to raise the question of the legality of
Toppenish and Yakima (sic) County and never got a reply. Enclosed is a
letter I wrote to Mr. Noberto Balderas, who is the Code Enforcement Officer
for the white man, created entity called Toppenish that will help you to
understand my confusion.

Somehow Ms. Cyr we must come to an agreement as to what is real or not by a
meeting of the minds of well-intentioned men and women. It would be nice if
you could take the leadership role in helping us all to escape our dilemma
before we all break the law, or at the very least violate the reasoned
guidelines of some government manual. We should not have to take our case to
the World Court for a decision. Or should we?

Sincerely yours,

Long Standing Bear Chief

410 North Chestnut Street

Xuupinish, Yakama Nation 98948


Post Office Box 430

Blackfoot Nation 59417

Cc: Yakama Nation Tribal Council and General Council

       Senator Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell

       Selected members of the Yakama Nation

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