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January 18, 2001

Black Capitalism

By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

I keep hearing this garbage over the airwaves, in private conversations, and seeing it
in books and the newspaper about Black capitalism going to "free us" Black folks. They
present it to us by Black conservative commentator Tony Brown and his TV show, by that
Negro who put out that book about our "choice" to be free if we all start small
business and so on, and in the pages of Entrepreneur magazine. And we can now add that
Matah stuff to it. We'll be "free" alright, free of our money, into the hands of some
petty capitalist traders. With these programs, we are deluded into thinking that if we
sell enough deodorant and other consumer goods, invest in Multilevel marketing scams,
or other scams, then over 25 million oppressed people can just buy their freedom.

This is one brother who ain't sniffing what they'se defecating!

The system does not work that way: a class of exploiters will emerge who will exploit
the rest of us on the bottom, while they live in comfort. For the masses of us we will
not get wealthy, rich, or liberated, just suckered into giving up our money.

It's interesting that for the most part, none of the petty capitalist "solutions" that
have been offered have been about rebuilding the economically depressed communities
most poor Black folks live in, or building some sort of inner city collectives for
basic food and housing for poor folks. It's about a middle class, upper crust dream.

Capitalism is a system of exploitation of the poor and working people, and it does not
matter that a class of entrepreneurs have arisen to sell us things. I don't feel any
loyalty whatsoever to some trader just because he is Black, and I know that our trade
whether with each other or with a mass distribution system generally will not free us
from the clutches of this economic system. In fact, all the Black businesses combined
constitute less than 1/2 of 1%, a piddling economic base for sure.

The reason there is a Harlem (in NYC), Hough (in Cleveland), Watts-South Central
(L.A.), and other poor ghetto communities in this country is because capitalism
creates racist social, economic and ethnic divisions, the better to exploit us all.
Buying stock in a Black company, or brotha-man's toothpaste ain't going to free us.

Cast away illusions and prepare to struggle!

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