Liberating qualities of Aussie imperialism

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Jan 29 20:12:24 MST 2001

Alan wrote in response to Nestor:

> It is *essential* for Australian leftists to unconditionally support the
> national liberation and democratic struggles happening in Australian
> capital's self-proclaimed sphere of influence.

This seems to be typical of the dodges the DSP is forced to perform in
defence of the indefensible.  The above formulation makes it sound as if
the East Timorese struggle was against Australian imperialism.  Of course,
in this case, the Australian imperialists would be intervening against
themselves.  In fact, the DSP have got themselves so caught on the hook,
that this is basically what they are claiming.  Australian imperialism was
undermined by . . . Australian imperialism sending its troops in to a Third
World country, with the backing of  the right, centre, liberal-left and
even the largest Marxist group in the country.

The notion that the imperialists getting away with sending in their troops
- and resultingly, being able to increase their defence psending
significantly - somehow undermines imperialism, is almost breath-taking.

> Nestor, if any Australian leftist held your position, they would be scabs
> and *genuine* social patriots.

Social patriots are people who support their own imperialism in conflict
with other imperialisms or in conflict with Third World countries.

This would mean that Australian leftists who support Australian imperialism
against some other imperialism or against Indonesia are adopting a
social-patriotic position.  Alan's description of Nestor's very
straightforward and orthodox anti-imperialism as 'social patriotic' is a
rather sad example of the sort of twisting necessary to defend the DSP

The DSP leadership have, in the past, changed their minds on positions they
have held strongly.  Hopefully, they will change their mind on this one.

Unfortunately, the GLW article by Norm Dixon seems to point in the opposite
direction - to a generalisation of support by the DSP to Australian
interventions in the Third World provided, of course, these are to uphold
the rights of the oppressed, something which imperialism is, of course,
famous for.

Philip Ferguson

"Don't Dream It - Extreme It" (Lana Coc Kroft)

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