Liberating qualities of Aussie imperialism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Jan 29 20:26:30 MST 2001

>This would mean that Australian leftists who support Australian imperialism
>against some other imperialism or against Indonesia are adopting a
>social-patriotic position.  Alan's description of Nestor's very
>straightforward and orthodox anti-imperialism as 'social patriotic' is a
>rather sad example of the sort of twisting necessary to defend the DSP

I advocate cutting Alan some slack. After all, he is *not* a member of the
DSP as I understand it. I do recall him voicing some criticisms of their
policies here on these matters. Also, unless I am all wet, I get the
impression that they have backed off from their call for UN troops to
intervene in the Mideast. At least, it appears that they are no longer
trumpeting it.

I wouldn't be surprised if more than a couple of DSP'ers are following the
discussions here. More than 1/2 gigabytes of data are transferred from the
archives each month. That's more than would fit on a CD. My impression is
that many party members around the world read the debates here because it
is something they can not get in their own party, where the PC or Central
Committee is channeling Lenin or Trotsky in its perfect wisdom. Keeping
that in mind, it is best to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Louis Proyect
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