Fwd (GLW): Did the East Timor intervention kill off `Vietnam syndrome'?

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Tue Jan 30 02:18:41 MST 2001


> And "priorities" is a fine excuse for ducking issues.

Is principle a better one? I'm not ducking! Solidarity against one of Australia's
biggest allies? What scenario has you dreaming this? Can you please illustrare, if
possible, what makes the East Timorese "leadership" different from that of Indonesia,
in the situation we have here?

Indonesia "proper" is not for Imperialist military measures, but due to 30 years of
being on the payroll of Imperialism, has no clue how to resist this. They probably
still can't fathom why they aren't in favour. HBut they aren't.

"East Timor"- meaning groups in the developing new statelet who will benefit from the
occupation in Class and patronage terms, are receiving nominal power and de facto
positioning to be the new elite in a new state. The economic situation in East Timor,
from reports I see over the last year, bears a striking resemblance to Bosnia of two
years ago. The new Bosnian elite will never hunger, yet they have their economic
terms set by the World Bank. This is looking like modern East Timor.

So who is allied against Imperialism? Which country has a leadership (not for
proletarian views, I stress only to avoid the bothersome squabble about
"revolutionary credentials"which we all agree the remnants of Golkar have none) about
to be hosted in Baghdad, in defiance of the sanctions? What is the East Timorese
leadership going to say in terms of foreign policy more generally?

That is where the line gets drawn these days.


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