East Timor

c9803780@SPAMtopaz.cqu.edu.au c9803780
Tue Jan 30 03:00:09 MST 2001

Why not explain your position to those East Timorese that were not killed,
maimed, raped etc.

I'm sure they would love to meet someone who's biggest dilema during the ET
ballot was being late for a bus or movie, yet were prepared to see the
entire ET left and others wiped of the face of the earth.

I am honestly at a loss to understand your position.  If you cannot see the
difference between East Timor and the Balkans then I question your
comprehension of just about anything.  I think the difference in political
perspective I've witnessed on this question is defined by those who take
their class struggle into the streets and make decisions defined by reality
(warts and all) and those who have keyboards surgically attached to their

I think most people on the list can establish their own position on this
This discussion deserves no rely.


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