Fwd (GLW): Did the East Timor intervention kill off `Vietnam syndrome'?

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Tue Jan 30 14:33:49 MST 2001

> Why not explain your position to those East Timorese that were not killed,
> maimed, raped etc.

Although I'd like to thank Alan for expressing the pointlessness of this type of
"polemic" against my position (or perhaps this one was directed at Nestor or Phil-
and the other one is at me, who knows), I've noticed this is a good indicator of the
dowen time on this subject. When the debate gets into who is objectively trying to
wipe out the East Timorese most efficiently, it isn't going anywhere useful. I'm done
on the matter- perhaps we should revisit this after the facts are clearer, say, in
three years. As a more general point, I have been called a nut by both local and
internet comrades since the Yugo war, when I came up with my basic point that it
appears that Imperialism's long term strategy is to Balkanize us all into small
statelets that are too small to resist. Now already over a week ago, I posted several
different things here and on L-I regarding Congo. The link is fairly clear,
particularly now with the major American media talking about how the legacy of Congo
has been one of antagonized nations within the state. That is ironic, considering how
little they cared for that at the turn of the last century. Now it is a "concern"so
big DR Congo can be split. I believe it is in our utmost interests to stop that from
happening in whatever way we are able. The same basic thrust is being attempted all
over the third world, and the First World left cheers it on in some cases! How would
it be should "we" decide that we weren't civilised enough for solutions based on
unified states, and instead demanded occupation of Spain to form mini republics,
occupied Corsica "cause it has never worked"...sent the UN to Canada to "help
organise a new Quebec, free and democratic". Such a thing would be obviously an
attack on sovereignty. Allow our minds to defend the sovereignty of the 3rd world
struggles first, where sovereignty is needed most.


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