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Hi Lou:

Below is a link to an important article about Colombia from the New York
Times. Juan Forero, the reporter - despite his spin (adjectives making
paramilitaries and other ilk look better and more popular than they are)
his reporting is the most accurate and well-connected I have seen in the US

One thing to note about this article is that Putumayo is one area where
there really is a war going on in Colombia, and an area where the
paramilitaries and the military are - at least according tot he FARC -
indistinguishable. The FARC claims that the colmbian army, disguised as
paramilitaries, has in death squad style massacres, killed about 1,500
civilians in Putumayo.

A question this article raises is, "Why isn't coca production controlled by
the paramilitaries in other parts of Colombia being fumigated?" The obvious
answer is that there is no "War on drugs", rather there is a war for the
control of the drug trade - wiht the United States trying to shift
production, processing, shipment and distribution into hands other than
those they are in now. (Hands with Sicilian last names living in Phoenix,
Arizona suburbs?)


No Crops Spared in Colombia's Coca War

January 31, 2001


Trained and financed substantially by the United States, the Colombian Army
has begun an aggressive land and air assault on the country´s
coca-growing heartland.

Louis Proyect
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