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Wed Jan 31 06:54:45 MST 2001

Hi Lou:

A question to Mine.

Mine wrote that she would not characterize the Kurds as a colonized nation.

Would you characterize them as a nation?

I think there are good reasons to, correct me if I am wrong.

1) common language different from their neighbors.

2. common culture different from their neighbors.

3. common class and social structure different from their neighbors.

4. long term historical occupation of a contiguous piece of land.

In short the only significant aspects of nationhood they do not have are

1. a seperate country.

2. a seperate and distinct economy (as a result of not having their own

I think the Kurds are an oppressed nation. Their nation has been divided
between other countries by the global politics of imperialism - the borders
drawn in the region after the Ottoman empire was carved up between French
and British spheres of influene at the end of WWI - and refined at Yalta
and Potsdam witht he collusion of the USSR.

If I am wrong in any aspect of the above, please correct me. I haven't
studied the issue for years and am a little rusty.


Louis Proyect
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