Sub Saharan Africa

Ulhas Joglekar ulhasj at
Wed Jan 31 07:13:40 MST 2001

Sam Pawlett:
> From the point of view in the imperialist
> countries, there are four options (as I see it):
> 1- eliminate immmigration restrictions and let the peoples of the global
> south into the northern countries creating a world labor market.
> 2- pull up the draw bridge into the castle OECD and watch billions of
> people drown in the moat i.e. die from famine and hack each other to
> death on the 6o'clock
> news.
> 3- keep the global south alive through foreign aid. A kind of collective
> welfare for the relative surplus population (the majority of the world's
> population)
> 4- Socialist revolution, esp. in the imperialist countries.
> I'm with option 4, options 1-3 are what we have today.

EU has adopted a plan to provide duty free access to all products (except
arms) from 48 poorest countries in the world. Is this a credible option for
the developed world?


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