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el 30 Jan 01, a las 22:23, Richard Fidler dijo:

> Mine, I have a few questions for you, prompted by your very interesting post of
> Jan. 30 (Digest 3161). I hope you will take the time to address them.
> 1. You seem to agree that the Kurds have the right to self-determination,
> although you balk at characterizing them as a "nation". You say they are an
> "oppressed ethnic group". What do you mean by this distinction?

I hope Mine will find her time to answer. This question is the most important
one on the national question that has been posed on this list for many weeks.

Don't worry, Richard, if Mine can't answer I will take her post, and I have
more than a hunch that my answer will c.c. hers.

Besides practical pressures upon each one of us, most of our theoretical
debates on third-world and imperialism (Kossovo, East Timor, Kurdistan, etc.)
are spinning around this issue.

A good one, Richard.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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