When to Support Nationalism

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at SPAMvirgin.net
Wed Jan 31 10:56:08 MST 2001

Johannes wrote: <On Quebec: I have to admit I know very little about the
National Question in Quebec, but nevertheless the support of (mostly
Trotskyite?) leftists not only for self-determination, but actually
seceesion always struck me as a strange mixture of dogmatic support for
_any_ secession and opportunism. Actually I do not see how French-speaking
Canadians are really suppressed _nationally_. In what way their situation
differs from French-speaking Swiss. Any cultural domination perceived as
beeing 'Americanisation' seems to me the usual capitalist crap spread all
over the world. Wouldn't an independent Quebec be a very parochial place. As
I understand it, almost all immigrants opposed independence in the latest
referendum out of fears the narrow 'French-only' policy in Quebec would even
be enforced and anti-immigrant racism would get a general boost. >

I came across quite a few pieces on Quebec when looking through British
journals of the 1930s. What was common to them was that they said that
fascist trends were very strong in Quebec. What do list members,
particularly those in Canada, know about this?

As I know very little about the question of Quebec, perhaps someone could
help to answer these points. What are the main political trends within
Quebec today? What form do moves for independence take? Do the inhabitants
of Quebec have a legitimate case for independence or autonomy, have they
suffered national oppression, and how do they treat immigrants into Canada
and the native Canadian population?

Paul F

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