Nation Magazine's Marc Cooper rails at boycotters

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First off, thanks for this link Lou. I am a long distance from the struggleat
Pacifica, but listening to this man rage at the left opposition to the
Clintonites (he is also hilariously terrified of the Republicans-  I'm afraid of
the American government, but this splicing is unworthy of even the Nation. It
isn't anything but a scare tactic to say otherwise).

As per the academic discussion(s) :   I find as I claw through academia that I
have a huge part of myself that constantly wants to run screaming. I fear the
insular world, the one in the hallways that eats a person's dedication to
struggle and warps you into a talking head, but of the "left". I see this
phenomenon pop up from this series of threads in a very strong way. From what
little I have seen of this kind of fellow, he (or the rare she who enters the
universities) seems the exact prototype for what scares me the most. His whole
life appears to be one of obsession with concepts, including the most Marxian of
all- except struggle. Somewhere along the way the passion was lost and the
connection became artificial.

I sense that this is the kind of radical that is able to climb through the
vaunted hallways of academe. And for these, let us have no patience.


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