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Polaris Institute: Canadian-based anti-globalization organization:

Euskal Herria Journal: Basque nationalists (in English):

SWEAT Labor Magazine: "The Internet Source for Independent Labor News &

Mexico Solidarity Network: coalition of 80 progressive groups in Mexico and
the USA. :

David Bacon's website: photojournalist specializing in exposing class
injustice in Mexico and other third world countries:

Economic Policy Institute: Think-tank supported by the AFL-CIO, contains
useful data:

50 Years is Enough: anti-IMF and World Bank coalition:

Kabissa: web pages in support of African NGO's:

World Bank Boycott:

Marxist Interventions: Australian ISO member Tom O'Lincoln's website:

Applied Research Center: examines racism, publishes "Colorline" magazine:

Alternative psychiatry: Marx related to Freud:

Labor Educator: Harry Kleber's pro-union website:

Free Radical: L. Kauffman's online column devoted to anti-globalization
type protests:

HighGrader: northern Ontario-based radical magazine:

Socialist Alliance: electoral party combining far-left groups:

Communards: German based portal:

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