Vietnamese firms' ad spend hits record last year

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2 June 2001

Vietnamese firms' ad spend hits record last year
HANOI, Vietnam: Companies in Vietnam spent a record $152 million on
advertising last year, up 31 per cent from the previous year, an official
said on Friday.
Producers of shampoo, detergent and beverages were the biggest advertisers,
said Tran Minh Tan of Ho Chi Minh City's Advertising Association.
Spending on advertising in Vietnam increased sharply from just $8.1 million
in 1992 to $68 million in 1995 and $116 million in 1999, he said.
Last year, companies spent $82 million on television advertisements, $47
million on print media and $18 million for outdoor billboards, Tan said.
The top 10 spenders on television advertising were all foreign-invested
companies, with Anglo-Dutch food giant Unilever topping the list at nearly
$20 million, followed by Procter and Gamble and Coca-Cola, both at $2.9
million, Tan said.
Advertising was virtually unknown in Vietnam before the launch of
market-oriented economic reforms called "Doi Moi" in the mid 1980s which
dramatically changed its former centralised command economy.
The country has attracted more than $35 billion in foreign investment since
the first foreign-invested project was licensed in 1988. (AP)
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