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[John Manning is a veteran revolutionary and trade unionist who puts out a
daily Internet bulletin on the Japanese CP and social movements. If you
want to be included, contact him at: jmanning at Mickey Z is a
young author who wrote a 'revisionist' history of WWII available from that I highly recommend. His review of the movie "Pearl
Harbor" which I posted here a while back has Chris Burford all steamed up
on PEN-L He still thinks that WWII was a fight for freedom.]

Dear Mickey Z,

The only trouble with your very factual report on the accumulated
provocations, insults and discriminatory actions of the U.S. against Japan
is that they may be used in the present struggle inside Japan against the
present militaristic government's attempt to rebuild previous militarism by
honoring the war as an attempt to free Asia from Western domination.

A specific struggle is that of peace forces and the Japanese Communist and
Social Democratic parties against a new government-approved school history
textbook which denies that Japan waged an aggressive war and states that
its object was to liberate Asia.

The truth is, of course that the monopolist forces of both countries had
their objectives and organized press statements of cover them. The Japanese
militarists and monopolists are doing the same as our opposite numbers,
trying to whitewash their own actions. Exposure of what really happened, as
in your book and the present Bob Kerry case is the best preventive against
to the new war they are trying to dream up.

In Japan's case, not only the Japanese Left but the Chinese and Korean
governments have protested have protested against the claim that what the
imperial Japanese army did in their countries was in their interests. In
our case one can dig even deeper - into the most well-founded information
floating about that our hallowed leader Roosevelt knew pretty well what the
Japanese fleet was up to, having broken their code, and let them take the
first punch to guarantee the support of the U.S. public for a war U.S.
business couldn't afford to stay out of.. The dismayed remark of the
Japanese, as their planes. came back, that "there were no carriers in the
harbor", indicates that they knew they had been had.

Another very telling observation in relation to the current state of
things, is in Istvan Meszaros' recent, "Socialism or Barbarism". (Monthly
Review Press), in which he proves pretty clearly that Roosevelt set up
present day neoliberal globalism as well as the end of the British Empire
in his first inaugural address when he proclaimed the strategy of
"international economic readjustments". Roosevelt was a capitalist leader
pure and simple, but a far-sighted one Though his primitive capitalist
colleagues made him a devil, he was saving their necks. We of the Left
idolized him because he spoke in human terms. But he killed the Spanish
republic, which set up WWII

The key issue in the War-or-Peace struggle now being fought out in Japan is
over defense versus deletion of the Peace Clause, Article 9, of the
Japanese Constitution, enacted with grudging U.S. consent in the moment of
democracy as World War II ended., which prohibits taking part in foreign
wars and the maintenance of a standing army.

Repenting its democratic moment, the U.S. has reinstalled the big
monopolist war criminals and the military and has pushed and pressured the
organization of an army under the cover-term of "Self Defense Corps", which
now has the world's second largest military budget, but is still blocked
from sending them overseas as cannon fodder for its world police force by
the popular defense of Article 9 by the Japanese people.

As the Japanese Left is in open struggle against the whitewashing of the
war and for open acknowledgement of Japanese responsibility as the only
road for peace with all Asia, so we of the United States must face what has
been done and is being done by us and in our name if we are to have
democracy at home and peace with all the nations our business imperialists
and troops at their service have trampled on.

Such work as yours in this movie review, and I presume in your book, is a
step on the road to fully rejoining the family of nations and toward
becoming the democracy we have always claimed to be. I'll buy your book as
soon as I locate Soft Skull Press. The Japanese Communist Party's web site
is at and has most complete, detailed and up to date
information on what is going on.

John Manning
U.S. staff member,
World Federation of Trade Unions, 1977-1991, retired.

Louis Proyect
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