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> Trotsky formula of "uneven and combined development" is ambiguous
> because to what extent is the development really "combined", and to
> what extent is it "uneven" ? Which features are combined, and which
> are not ? This has to be empirically investigated.

It is a general formula, not an ambiguous one. 

The idea was established in the context of the debate with "stagist"
Marxists, who believed that a country could only pass from slavery to
feudalism to capitalism to socialism, in due order. He simply pointed
out that, under the conditions of worldwide domination by the
capitalist core countries, the dominated countries would be host to a
variety of modes of production, and so on. The ambiguity that you find
is simply the expression of the very diversified ways in which capital
is exported, in which labor is exploited, and in which each and every
particular semicolonial country is sucked dry.

General formulas are always ambiguous until they are sifted through
the concrete history of a particular place in time and space. This is
as valid for "uneven and combined development" as for "dictatorship of
the proletariat" or even for "workers of the world, unite!"

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